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Avengers: Age of Ultron has earned $ 84.46 million on its opening day, marking the biggest opening day for a superhero movie, the second highest opening sales and a day's high turnover. second, after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 7.2 (91.7 million USD). Carl and Ellie to my wife you are braver poster. The sixth day of the film earned $ 27.6 million from Thursday night, starting at 7 pm, and the sixth highest in the preview on Thursday and the highest among Marvel movies. In total, the film earned $ 191.3 million on its opening weekend, ranking third at all times, behind the Avengers ($ 207.4 million) and Jurassic World ($ 208 million). It was also the opening weekend in the second-highest IMAX format with a total of $ 18 million (after The Dark Knight Rises), a record of $ 13.5 million from big theaters, and the highest for the first week. First in May, accounting for 85% of the top 12 grossing box office (formerly owned by Spider-Man 3). Of which, 51% are men, 49% are women and 59% are over 25 years old. In the second week, the film dropped 59% to $ 77.7 million, becoming the second highest weekend weekend after $ 103 million for Avengers. It holds the record for the film's second-biggest weekend decline between the first and second weeks with $ 113 million, behind only Harry Potter 7.3 with $ 121 million.

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