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AIR released September 8, 2000 exclusively for PC systems as a limited edition package, including two CD-ROMs needed for the game and an Ornithopter music album. Ain't no tired like nurse tired cat shirt. Next year it was released into three separate versions: an official version for the PC system released July 19, 2001; a version for all ages released on July 27, 2001; and the first version of the Dreamcast console on September 20, 2001. The DC version (Dreamcast) also added some new scenes that never appeared in the original version. The second version for PlayStation 2 (PS2) was released on August 8, 2002. After the PS2 versions sold a sufficient number, three years later on September 1, 2005, a cheaper version For PS2, also known as "Best Version" is sold for only half the price of the first version on PS2. Many new scenes were added to the console versions to compensate for the lack of pornography [8]. The original PC version that has yet to be dubbed, and then added in the Dreamcast, with the exception of the main male character, all of the remaining characters are voiced, and in the PS2 version the whole All games have full voiceover [30]. "Best Version" on PS2 was later packaged in the "Key 3-Part Work Premium Box" with two corresponding PS2 versions of Kanon and CLANNAD, released July 30, 2009

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