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At a position of 250 nautical miles (460 km; 290 mi) northeast of Midway at dawn (0445 local time) on June 4, 1942, Akagi contributed 18 dive bombers. escorted by 9 Zero troops to the joint force, a total of 108 aircraft for air strikes on Eastern Island airport. Michael Jordan #23 Bulls NBA shirt. The remaining B5N aircraft on board are equipped with ready torpedoes in case of detecting enemy warships during the attack. The only loss to Akagi's forces during the bombing was a Zero that was shot down by anti-aircraft fire and three other aircraft, along with four other dive bombers damaged even if only one was Severe damage cannot be repaired. [82] [83] However, the Japanese side did not know that the US Navy had predicted the Japanese MI plan by collecting signal intelligence and had prepared an ambush using three existing aircraft carriers, to be announced by the father. northeast of Midway.

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