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In the South, it is the area that is always blazingly called Muspellsheim or the land of deserts ruled by the giants of Surtr. GOT Arya Stark Not Today shirt. When the fire of Múspellsheim melted the ice of Niflheim, the melting ice flowed into the Ginnunga-gap to join Elivágar to create the first creature of the universe: the giant Ymir or Aurgelmir. From the sweat under Ymir's armpits, he produced a pair of giant men and women and from there gave birth to the frozen giant. The fog continues to melt, creating a giant cow Audhumla. Ymir drank cow's milk to survive and develop the breed. Audhumla continued eating by licking the salt ice. One day, when the Auðhumla cow was licking the ice, the ice revealed its hair, the second day revealed its head and the third day gave birth to the whole body. Since then, it has produced the god Búri. She gave birth to a son named Borr. Borr married with Bestla - Bolthorn's giant daughter and gave birth to three children, Odin, Vili and Ve.

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