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Norse mythology includes religion and beliefs in pre-Christian times, along with the legends of Scandinavian inhabitants, including those settling on Iceland - where many of the Norse mythology's writings are found. Game Of Throne Characters Signatures shirt. The famous heterosexual of the Norse mythology is the myth of the German peoples that formed from the pre-existing Indian-European myths. The religions of Northern peoples are not based on a "truth" that is transmitted directly from divine to human (although there are also stories of people who are visited by gods) and do not have official texts like Kinh Saints of Christianity or the Qur'an of Islam. Norse mythology is word of mouth in the form of long poems. The Nordic religious tradition was strongest during the Viking period. People learn about Norse mythology primarily through the epic Edda episodes and written records during the Christian era extending into Scandinavia. Norse mythology has a great influence on literary and artistic works.

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