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King Abdül Mecid I implemented a coalition policy with Western European empire countries. On May 21, 1853, the Tsar threatened to attack Turkey. Lady Skull Sunflower shirt. Before that situation, on June 25, 1853, the court of Abdül Mecid I signed an alliance with the British and French empires, together against Russia's expansion. On July 3, 1853, Russian troops crossed the Prut River and attacked Memleketeyn. The same year, on September 26, Sultan decided to declare war on the Russian empire, on October 4, the Crimean war broke out. On November 30, 1853, the Russian army attacked Sinop. On March 27, 1854, Britain and France also declared war on Russia. After many victories of the Anglo-French-Turkish faction, on March 2, 1855 Russian troops defeated and Tsar Nikolai I committed suicide. The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1856, under which temporary Western imperial states declared "the Ottoman State is a European country and its entire territory is under our control"

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