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The nine billion dollar plan aims to develop Kabul into a future modern city, City of Light. We were the best America had Vietnam Veteran shirt. Several private investment projects, with state support, are also forming in Afghanistan. An original concept design called the City of Light, led by Dr. Hisham N. Ashkouri, Director of ARCADD, Inc. proposed for a completely private investment-based development and implementation project that was proposed with the goal of forming a multi-function commercial, historical and cultural development area within the Old City Kabul along the south bank of the Kabul River and along Jade Meywand Avenue, [58] offers new shock to one of the most important commercial and historic areas within Kabul City, with many cathedrals and historic tombs as well as commercial activity areas that were devastated during the war. This design also includes a complex for the National Museum of Afghanistan.

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