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Internal cross-linking of ribosomal RNA 16S, 5S and 23S has been studied. Liverpool 2018 2019 UEFA Champion League Champions shirt. Demonstrated cross-linking G41 and G72 inside 5S ribosomal RNA, this type of cross-linking belongs to a tertiary structure reaction, taking advantage of that reaction and establishing a three-dimensional model of a modified 5S ribosomal RNA molecule. advanced. In addition, the study of RNA cross-linking and protein is also a very useful method for arranging the space of ribosomal RNA molecules for internal verification. It is now generally said that the basic function of the ribosome depends only on its ribosomal RNA, the ribosome protein initiates the effect of enhancing ribosomal RNA function. The earliest ribosomes were formed by ribosomal RNA, some of the added protein in its upper part during evolution. All in vivo experiments demonstrated ribosome sugar despite a lack of certain proteins but still had biological activity; In addition, all types of ribosomal RNA mutations (or ribosomal DNA) and methylation can all lead to resistance to antimicrobial agents (eg Erythromycin and Chloramphenicol, etc.).

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