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In July 1863, the Army of the Potomac under General George Meade won big in the Battle of Gettysburg. On the political scene, the Copperheads lost their fall elections in Ohio, so Lincoln maintained support within the party and a strong political position to reevaluate the war. The situation was favorable for Lincoln at the time he read the speech at the Gettysburg cemetery. Don’t Be A Salty Bitch shirt. Contrary to Lincoln's prediction, "The world does not care, does not remember what we say here," his speech became one of the most cited speeches in American history. The Gettysburg speech was read during the National Martyrs Cemetery's dedication ceremony at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on Thursday afternoon, November 19, 1863. With only 271 words, in the three-minute speech, Lincoln emphasized that the country was born, not in 1789, but since 1776, "conceived in Freedom, is offered to the conviction that every human being is equal."

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