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Living in the golden age of Russian literature, he loved playing whistles and hunting, instead of the masterpieces of Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky and Turgenev. Tim Conway Fnork shirt. Compared to contemporary figures, he was a weak and indecisive Tsar: when he was a king of Duy Tan, he was a conservative anti-reformist. [13] It can be said that he was a great historical figure, not a great man, because what he did was more important than his own. It must be acknowledged that his great reforms were of great importance as changes in Russia by King Pyotr the Great and leader Vladmir Ilyich Lenin, but his personality was underestimated. Alexander II's role in history - the most important thing to consider about him - is almost entirely a tyrannical Tsar, reigning the great Russian empire amid the critical period. On the foreign side, Aleksandr II's expansion activities paved the way for later stages of Russian imperialism in Asia.

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