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After revealing the entire cast, many fans began calling the film "The 2.5 Avengers" because of the number of strong and often seen characters in Avengers movies, and a fact. that this part of the film is no longer the same as a Captain America movie like Captain America 2: Winter Warriors. In response to this, Feige said, "The fun in Superhero Civil War is, just like what you know in comics, it's a very simple story. And it really has to be. , to be able to accommodate such a large number of players, it's more like a Captain America movie and more like a Winter Warrior sequel, in ways I don't think people will guess. it is .... Come To The Norwegian Side We Have Lefse Mug. It is an extremely simple structure that allows these great characters to interact with each other in a way that I don't think will become overwhelming. "[109] Feige also said, multiplying Hope van Dyne / Wasp was originally in the film's original draft scenario, after the Wasp outfit was revealed at the end of the Ants, but this character He was cut off by "there are so many characters in the Superhero Civil War so we don't want to destroy her," and Marvel is "saving" this character for a more suitable time to debut. van Dyne for the first time in a Wasp outfit.

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