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Afghans are proud of their religion, nation, ancestors, and above all their independence. Like other highlanders, Afghans are said to be quick-witted and hospitable, because they value personal honor, because of their loyalty to the clan and the willingness to carry and use weapons to resolving disputes. Mickey I’m done teaching I’m going to Disney shirt. Because tribal disputes and feudal massacres have become one of their top concerns since ancient times, this type of typical individualism has been a major obstacle to those invasion from outside. Afghanistan has a complex history expressed through its current cultures as well as in many languages ​​and other structures. However, many national historic buildings have been devastated in recent wars. Two Buddha statues in Bamiyan Province have been destroyed by Taliban forces who consider it a cult of idols. Other famous places include the cities of Kandahar, Herat, Ghazni and Balkh. Jam Tower, in Hari Rud valley, is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. Muhammad's cloak is kept inside the famous Sharifa Khalka in Kandahar City.

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