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According to author Panphilov (Soviet history teacher of MGIMO Moscow - Soviet Union) wrote in his book as a historian who had participated in the Second World War before deciding to invade Lien. I’m done teaching I’m going to Disney shirt. In the Soviet state, Hitler wrote a letter to the Italian fascist Benito Mussolini, thereby claiming that the decision to attack the Soviet Union was the most difficult decision of his life because the Soviet Union was a huge nation. giant Therefore, in 1941 when attacking the Soviet Union under the Barbarosa campaign, even when Hitler agreed with the opinions of the generals under attack directly to Moscow, it was not quick to defeat the Soviet Union. because the Soviet leadership would then quickly evacuate the Eastern Uran Mountains to continue leading the resistance against the Germans. The mistake that led to Hitler's defeat when attacking the Soviet Union was that he was too proud of himself, belittling the ally in his faction as the Japanese Empire. So Japan did not bring troops north, united with the German Army to attack the Soviet Union on the Eastern front, but put troops south to occupy East Asia, so that alone Hitler tried to invade the Soviet Union. wide. Great intelligence agents grasped Hitler's unilateral intention to wage war and helped the Soviet leadership with adaptive options to deal with Hitler.

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