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In 1887, the French colonialists separated some coastal districts of Hai Duong province near Ninh Hai port to establish Hai Phong province. I am A Game Of Thrones Aholic shirt. On July 19, 1888, French President Sadi Carnot signed the decree to establish Hai Phong city - Hai Phong city officially named on the map of Indochina Federation. According to the decree Hai Phong city was separated from Hai Phong province, the rest of Hai Phong province established Kien An province. Administratively, Hai Phong City is a concession, so this period belonged to French rule, instead of under the protectorate of North Vietnam. At the end of the French colonial period around the 1940s, Hai Phong's population counted 73,000 people, occupying the fourth largest city after Saigon, Cholon, and Hanoi. [10] Under the French colonial period, at the end of the XIX century and the early twentieth century, Hai Phong stood on par with Hanoi, Saigon, was a first-class city. It was the largest port of Tonkin land, an important traffic hub on the road. International maritime and an industrial center, Hai Phong has become one of the cradles marking the birth of the working class and the Vietnamese worker movement struggling against the oppressive exploitation of reality. French people. Hai Phong was one of the centers of the national revolutionary movement in revolutionary climax 1930-1931, 1936-1939 and 1939-1945.

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