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According to Grimnismál, Valhalla is located in the land of Gladsheim, from here radiating golden light. Air Arya Stark Jordan shirt. On the roof of the palace there was Heidrun goat and Eikthyrnir stallion gnawed on the Laerad tree leaves, from Eikthyrnir deer horns, drops of water into Hvergelmir, becoming all sources of the stream. And from Heidrun's milk gourd, another honey wine is a drink from Valhalla. There is also a Salgofinir rooster, its nape is used to awaken the Einherjar martyrs. In front of Valhalla there is another tree, Glasir with golden foliage. A wolf hung in the west door and an eagle hovered over the sanctuary. In the daytime they wake up to train their combat abilities. At night, all the wounds will heal and the martyrs will have dinner served by the Valkyrie fairies. The first is honey wine from Heidrun goat. The second is made by Andhrimir, the chef of the gods, in the Eldhrimnir jar from Saehrimnir wild boar. The pig will revive itself the next morning to prepare for the next day. Odin never ate the food offered to him but for the two wolves of the gods, Geri and Freki.

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